About the Innovator

MARLO is a consulting and IT development company specialised in the area of transport and logistics with offices in Norway, Germany, Portugal and Holland and clients from 15 countries. An integral part of Marlo’s business is converting results from pioneering research and development projects into attractive commercial products and services. Research projects funded by the EU have been fundamental in Marlo’s development.

What is the innovation is an innovative 'Software as a Service' multi-shipper and multi-carrier collaboration platform, that can achieve transport cost reductions of up to 35% and carbon footprint reductions of up to 50%. The solution runs logistic cross-docking hubs as an integrated, dynamic logistics network focused on cost and environmental efficiency. The technology has been developed under the EU-funded iCargo project, and has matured to become a commercial service.

Out of the lab – Into the Market

The solution’s added value was so evident, that in 2014 it was turned into a commercial product. The initial clients included 3M and DHL. In two years it became a success, with clients in 15 countries from Europe and North America. It now handles more than 1.4 million loading units per month (approx. 400% growth from the March 2015 to March 2016). Based on the order pipeline, the transaction volume in the next 12 months is expected to double. The strategy is now to spin-off as a separate legal entity and to then secure investment for further growth.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

Our participation in the framework was crucial to ensure co-funding for this innovation. It also brought us the opportunity to work with big names in the logistic and industrial world, such as DHL, 3M. Without such involvement simply wouldn’t have been born as a solution. Being on the shortlist for the innovation radar prize 2016 will help us further promote our solution and will give us additional credibility to approach future investors.