About the Innovator

Intrinsic-ID is a world leader in the field of embedded authentication. Using our patented PUF (Physical Unclonable Function) technology, secret keys and identifiers are extracted from the unique physical properties of chips to provide seamless and secure protection of digital assets for markets like IoT, mobile, smartcards and government & defense. 

What is the innovation

Tiny variations in the semiconductor manufacturing process make each transistor and each piece of silicon unique like a human fingerprint. These variations are random and uncontrollable, so it is impossible to make an exact clone of a chip. Hence they refer to this as a Physical Unclonable Function or PUF. Intrinsic-ID has perfected the technology to securely and reliably use these silicon fingerprints for security applications. The technology is now mature, certified and used in large volume business critical applications.

The team of intrinsicid
CEO signs deal with Intel during Dutch-Flemish trade mission to Atlanta

Out of the lab – Into the Market

After completing initial research, considerable work has been done to prepare the technology for market adoption with a focus on reliability, security and performance. Intrinsic-ID has teamed up with more than a dozen semiconductor suppliers and IP companies as to bring the PUF technology to the market. The first mass production devices containing our PUF security technology are already deployed.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

Initially we focused our work on high-end security markets like FPGAs and smartcards. The framework programme gave us the opportunity to investigate whether our security technology could be applied to other, larger markets like mobile phones and IoT. We found a good match in these markets. Our participation in the framework programme therefore allowed us to vastly expand the addressable market.