About the Innovator

The Institute for Artificial Intelligence conducts leading-edge research in the intersection of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). Its researchers design, implement, and investigate novel methods for AI-enabled robot control focussing on methods for intelligent perception, dexterous object manipulation, plan-based control, and knowledge representation. The software components implementing the proposed methods are open source. The potential of the methods is publicly showcased through robots that autonomously perform human-scale activities such as conducting chemical experiments, setting a table and making popcorn.

What is the innovation

openEASE is a novel cloud-based knowledge service, which helps robots to accomplish vaguely stated actions by filling in missing knowledge pieces on demand. Robots can query openEASE on how particular actions should be executed. openEASE can also collect data from client applications to create comprehensive knowledge bases. Since knowledge can be shared among robots, the required efforts to implement new applications decrease drastically. This widens the scope of future robot applications, enhances their reliability and robustness, and reduces development efforts.

The team of teh Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Out of the lab – Into the Market

The goal is to market openEASE as a cross-domain digital innovation platform for robot knowledge, a wikipedia for robots. As a strongly community-driven project, openEASE will be free for non-commercial users. A startup will be founded, that will sell and maintain industrial-strength proprietary variants for commercial use. They are working on pilot projects with two large-scale technology companies.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

openEASE is partly funded by the EU projects RoboHow and ACAT and has also been successfully applied in other cooperative projects, including SAPHARI and SHERPA. It has received great visibility in the research community and attracted substantial interest from industrial partners. openEASE was Finalist for the Best Conference Paper Award at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation, ICRA’15, and an article describing the technology was featured in MIT Tech Review, one of the most influential technology scouting magazines.

Watch the video of opeanEASE at Cebit 2016. You can also see how robots are programmed to accomplish tasks in this video on RoboHow project.