Ingrid Brodnig is the Digital Champion of Austria
Ingrid Brodnig is the Digital Champion for Austria. Her priorities are the enhancement of digital skills, fundamental rights in a digital society and open internet.


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Ingrid Brodnig is an Austrian author and journalist. Her work focuses on the impact digitalisation has on our society. In 2017, she published her third book "Lügen im Netz" (Lies on the Internet), which explains fake news and political manipulation online. She also gives public lectures and workshops on how to fight online abuse and hate speech on the internet.

Ingrid Brodnig wants to help Austrians enhance their digital skills.

Her priorities as a Digital Champion

She identified three priorities for her activity as Austrian Digital Champion.

Using and understanding digital tools better

It is not enough that Europeans have a connection to the internet: It is important that citizens also develop a skill set that helps them to adjust to the challenges of a digital society. When you look at the changing labour market or at phenomena such as fake news, it becomes clear that we need a tech-savvy society. My goal is to help have a lively debate on digital change and strengthen people's knowledge about it.

Fundamental rights in a digital society

One of the greatest aspects of the European Union is that it guarantees many inalienable rights to all persons. We should hold on to these rights and also ask the questions, how they should be defined in the digital age.

She is also a supporter of the Charter of digital fundamental rights of the European Union which was released by citizens in the German speaking countries.

The open internet

The internet was built without barriers. It is important to keep the web open and give users the opportunity to take their data from one website to another. In a time of very dominant platforms we need to hold on to this idea of an open internet, to ensure the free flow of information and prevent market-abusive behaviour.