Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) help us learn better, more efficiently and creatively, to innovate, to solve complex problems and access wider and more up-to-date knowledge. ICT provides everyone with flexible and accessible learning opportunities, in and outside the classroom.

While education remains the responsibility of the EU's Member States, the European Commission provides funding and works on several policy initiatives and missions:

Enabling learning and teaching through digital technologies

With Open Educational Resources (OER), ensuring that educational materials produced with public funding are available to all, learning can happen anytime, anywhere. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) allow students, practitioners and educational institutions to share free-to-use course material and the EU-funded Open Education Europa portal provides access to the many resources available. In addition, large scale pilot projects such as Open Discovery Space, co-funded by the Commission, are working with teachers to create and make better use of OER.

A learners-centred pedagogy using ICT and interdisciplinary research makes personalised and adaptive learning possible. For instance, learning analytics tools support teachers' work by providing individual feedback and recommendations to students and serious educational games are powerful tools to engage kids (and students of all ages) in learning. Fostering of online teachers' communities across Europe empowers them to use and co-create the wealth of educational repositories.

The conditio sine qua non of innovative learning ecosystems are Connected Classrooms - in 'highly digitally-equipped schools' – with recent equipment, fast broadband (10mbps plus) and high 'connectivity' (website, email for students and teachers, local area network, virtual learning environment). They can only happen if broadband can reach even remote areas - as recent report shows, more investments and partnerships are needed in Europe.

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