ICT 2013 in Vilnius is a unique opportunity for projects and companies to showcase their research, ICT products and innovative creations.

The exhibition will link todays' research and innovation with visions for the future. More than 200 exhibits will cover a diverse set of research results and products, ranging from cars and advanced robots to very small components, software, new business or new services.

The exhibition is grouped according to 5 themes - you can browse all exhibitors by clicking on each theme.

The exhibition is also a way to link each of the 5 themes to the Digital Futures - Futurium visions by using the advanced research work within a theme and/or exhibition cluster as an inspirational source to improve the Futurium visions.

Come and visit also the 3 special villages

The exhibition was accompanied by an 'art exhibit' and "performances" on podium

39 booths took part and there were 52 "art artifacts".

Visit, vote and valorise the creativity of your colleagues. Take the opportunity to visit booths you would never have visited before.


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