In this page you will find reports and analysis on ICT skills provided by the European Commission as well as external studies conducted at the request of the Commission.

Digital Economy and Society Index Report 2020 - Human Capital

graph of the main findings of the report on human capital

In the past year, there was an improvement both in internet user skills (at least basic digital skills) and in advanced skills (ICT graduates and ICT specialists). In 2019, the percentage of people that have at least basic digital skills reached 58% (up from 55% in 2015). A large part of the EU population, however, still lacks basic digital skills, even though most jobs require such skills. In 2018, some 9.1 million people worked as ICT specialists across the EU, 1.6 million more than 4 years earlier. Nevertheless, there remains a shortage of ICT specialists on the labour market: 64% of large enterprises and 56% of SMEs that recruited ICT specialists during 2018, reported that vacancies for ICT specialists are hard to fill. The problem is even more widespread in Romania and Czechia, where at least 80% of enterprises that either recruited or tried to recruit ICT specialists reported such difficulties. There is also a gender balance issue as only one in six ICT specialists are female. Overall, in the Human capital dimension of the DESI, Finland, Sweden and Estonia are the most advanced.

Download the report: DESI 2020 - Human Capital - Digital Inclusion and Skills

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