Launch a coalition for ICT job creation in Spain with public and private actors.

The Spanish Grand Coalition for a Digital Economy is an initiative that carries a commitment of each of its members for economic growth and employment through ICT and the Digital Economy. This is a case of Public-Private Collaboration where both work towards common and strategic goals.

The SGCDE initiative brings under a “common brand” a set of public and private actions, whose primary purpose is economic growth and job creation through ICT and the Digital Economy. It is open to any private or public agent who share the objectives and purposes of the SGCDE.

Objectives of the Coalition:

  • Promote the training of professionals and the creation of employment, self-employment and entrepreneurship in ICT and the Digital Economy
  • Promote the effective use of ICT solutions among SMEs to increase their competitiveness and facilitate their Inclusion in the Digital Economy
  • Promote joint initiatives, to identify synergies and to group efforts
  • Highlight the importance of this sector and its business and employment opportunities

Contact Person

Antonio Saravia Gonz├ílez |

8 July 2013
Last update: 
9 May 2017
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