Disseminate the European e-Competence Framework, all over the national territory, and enhance the culture of competences for ICT within Italian enterprises.

In July 2012 Assintel, Assinter, CNA Comunicazione, Confindustria Digitale, Unimatica- Confapi, namely the major ICT Company Associations in Italy, with the scientific support of Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (the Foundation of the Technical University of Milan), set up La Rete Competenze per l’Economia Digitale, the Italian Network for the Competences in the Digital Economy.

The Rete’s purpose is to disseminate the European e-Competence Framework, e-CF, all over the national territory, and enhance the culture of competences for ICT within Italian enterprises, through specific joint or individual, precompetitive, initiatives and activities. La Rete has promoted and supported the development of the national e-CF-based technical standard UNI for the ICT competences and intends to be the national contact point for the e-CF against Europe.

The aim of the RETE in 2013 is to promote and disseminate the e-CF within the main stakeholders, namely enterprises, Public Administration and ICT professionals. The main actions to be organised accordingly are as follows:

  • Two general workshops addressing all potential stakeholders to introduce the RETE and the e-CF: Milano 7th November 2012; Torino 5th May 2013;
  • Two workshops organised by Assintel to present the e-CF and their Osservatorio Competenze ICT 2012 Report (where the eSkills surveys within around 500 SMEs were based on the e-CF): Milano, 5th December 2012; Roma 29th January 2013;
  • Development of a free of charge job-matching tool (JobICT) for enterprises and ICT professionals, based on the e-CF, by UilTucs, with the support of ASSINTEL, IWA Italia and FPM. IWA Italia has translated their web profiles in the e-CF language, using the European ICT Profiles structure (Generation 3), planned delivery, summer 2013:
  • Revision of Città dei Mestieri (Provincia di Milano) ICT job profiles with the support of CNA, Assintel and FPM, through the e-CF, deadline November 2013;
  • Development of the UNI technical standard based on the e-CF: under consultation, planned standard delivery, summer 2013;
  • Meeting with Lombardy Region, by summer 2013
  • Meeting with Tuscany Region by 2013;
  • A third national workshop on the e-CF, planned in Autumn 2013.

Contact Person

Clementina Marinoni | Clementina.Marinoni@fondazione.polimi.it