The new ECDL, a flexible certification that allows the creation of profiles matching individual or organisational needs

Here is a quick overview of ECDL's pledges:

  1. Flexible Certification to Fast Track Employability

ECDL Foundation will develop the ‘new ECDL’ certification programme, to be launched across Europe in 2013. The new ECDL will provide a flexible modular structure that allows the creation of profiles that match individual or organisational needs.

  1. e-Skilling SMEs for Business Growth

ECDL Foundation commits to launch ‘ICT for Small Business’, a new certification module targeting small business to catalyse ICT-enabled business growth. E-business skills and the capacity of SMEs to use ICT to drive organisational growth through efficiencies and innovation will be addressed with the piloting of this module. Enabling Europe’s entrepreneurs to ‘go digital’ will increase e-commerce, promote digital services, and drive employment potential.

  1. Delivering Digital Skills for Teachers

During 2013 ECDL Foundation will pilot a new certification ‘ICT for Educators’ to provide a standard for educators on the key skills and knowledge required to incorporate ICT into curricula. This will help educators understand the benefits of integrating ICT in the classroom and promote a culture of lifelong professional development in education systems.


ECDL Foundation will work with their European network of partners in every European country (and beyond). This network represents national computing societies and their extensive capacity of approx. 12,000 education and training providers. In addition, it seeks partnerships with new partners and organisations that have strong links to SMEs and education expertise.

Contact Person

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