ETUCE, the European Trade Union Committee for Education proposed a pledge with the ultimate goal for students to obtain the necessary skills for lifelong learning and needed skills for the labour market.

The European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) represents the teacher union and public sector of education point of view on innovation in education and digital jobs.

Digital technology is changing education systems and thus the skills requirements for teachers. To tap the opportunities of the ongoing transformation, The European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) is developing a policy strategy on "the 21st century teaching profession and the pedagogical use of ICT". This strategy, which is to be adopted in autumn 2016, will identify the tools and pre-requisites needed for the teaching profession to provide:

  • high quality education that appropriately prepares students for lifelong learning, and
  • the skills they need in the future labour market.                                       

The development of this strategy is ETUCE's pledge to the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, with the ultimate goal of students obtaining the necessary skills for lifelong learning.

The policy will address both employers and employees in education. The launch for the practical implementation of the policy strategy is foreseen in 2017. ETUCE will take ownership for its application by reaching out to social partners in education at European level and via its member organisations at national level.

ETUCE will also relate the initiative to the education institutional level, and thus to individual teachers, school leaders, parents, students, policy-makers, employers in education and the wider society as a whole. It will also seek to raise awareness on the topic of digital skills and jobs with the objective of attracting young people to pursue a career in digital technology.

The changing labour market requires more ICT skills and has increasing expectations for educational institutions and teachers to provide guidance to pupils in a digitalised society. In response to these challenges, ETUCE aims to ensure that teacher unions and education staff remain at the forefront of the development concerning innovation in education and in the teaching profession.


ETUCE represents 132 teacher unions in 48 countries at all levels of the education sector (pre-) primary and secondary education, vocational education and training and higher education and research). It represents 11 million teachers of which 4.5 million are in the EU. As a social partner of the education sector at European level, ETUCE is a key actor when it comes to promoting quality education in Europe, as well as innovation and modernisation in education.

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19 February 2016
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8 June 2018
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