Raise awareness of Digital Jobs opportunities available within the United Kingdom and Europe, facilitate growth in the sector & bridge the skills shortfall. DigitalJobs.com will reach over 100,000 online users, produce a rich variety of resources, including 50 interviews with digital workers, and give out over 100 industry books.

DigitalJobs.com pledges to raise awareness of the Digital Jobs opportunities available within the United Kingdom and Europe. They will help to facilitate growth of the digital sector, and bridge the shortfall in skills. DigitalJobs.com will provide a series of informational resources to promote digital jobs as a relevant career option for young, new jobseekers, and for those who may migrate from other areas of work. They will cover digital skills directly, as well as interviews and resources from workers at various levels and areas within the digital sector.

Digital Jobs also pledge to create a map of digital skills across technology, marketing, and product areas, as well as a ‘digital careers library’ to make this area of work accessible and understandable to everyone.

The organisation will promote digital skills and this exciting sphere of work within the United Kingdom, Europe, and wider, via digital marketing, social media, direct outreach, and attending events, reaching more than 100,000 people.

Contact person:

Lucy Wood | Co-Founder, DigitalJobs.com | lucy@digitaljobs.com