CIONET commits to launch "10 000 hours of passion for IT" to organize CIO information tours to schools, universities or other relevant places.

CIONET is a pan-European community with 4 000 members in 10 countries working for a wide range of organisations across different market segments. What they have in common is that they are all senior executives in a CIO, IT director or IT leader role with a great experience and understanding what value IT can bring. Furthermore, they share a passion for Information Technology. CIONET will harness this passion and bring it to the potential future workforce. To this end CIONET pledges to connect its members and their own staff to local schools and universities and have them share their own personal experience through storytelling. This can be in the classroom, targeted events (e.g. eSkills week or Girls in IT day) or in their own organisation. These sessions are localised and take into account the local culture and circumstances. At the same time they offer an opportunity to present a pan-European message. By offering just a couple of hours of their time CIONET members can together offer up to "10 000 hours of passion for IT".

Although individual members are already occasionally presenting their experience, this new approach allows for a much more structured connection of the IT/Business community to schools and universities based on a common message and offering common solutions.


CIONET works closely with INSEAD/eLabs (IT-Enabled Leadership survey and Report) identifying the best CIOs – stories - Europe has to offer (European CIO of the Year awards).

CIONET would like to partner with national and regional institutes which can offer easy connections to local schools and universities. On a regional level it is already working with the Amsterdam Economic Board for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

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Frits Bussemaker | Partner, CIONET |