Going Local Slovakia brings the European Commission's representatives to your country to communicate on the Digital Single Market Strategy in the local context. Information on events, local representation teams, reports on progress, challenges and debates in Slovakia on priority issues in this area will be updated here.

On 28 September 2015 a European Commission delegation presented the Digital Single Market Strategy in Slovakia. They focused on four specific issues:

  • broadband deployment
  • review of telecoms rules
  • inclusive e-society, including e-government and digital skills
  • start-ups, SMEs, innovation and access to finance

Speakers also included Peter Pellegrini, Speaker of the National Council of the Slovak Republic and Digital Champion, and two ministers; Juraj Draxler, the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport, and Vazil Hudak, the Minister of Economy.

Going Local gives participants the opportunity to have a say in the development of the European Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy and for us to get a better understanding of national and local digital realities.

Senior European Commission staff members organise the Going Local events together with the Commission Representation in your country and the Digital Champion. Sometimes Commissioners working with aspects of the Digital Single Market are also involved.


28 October 2013
Last update: 
10 November 2015