The GÉANT project is a pan-European network at its core, offering the highest levels of capacity and security that research and education users need. It accelerates research, drives innovation and enriches education by providing connectivity and access.

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A separate internet for research and education users

The GÉANT Project offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and applications to support and enhance the connectivity options available through a process of innovation, like:

  • network monitoring
  • performance enhancement
  • trust and identity, security
  • cloud 
  • mobility services

Through the joined forces of Europe's National Research and Education Networking (NREN) organisations, the GÉ​ANT Project has been a vital element of Europe's e-infrastructure strategy for 15 years. It provides the high speed connectivity needed to share, access and process the massive volumes of data generated by, and essential to, diverse research and education communities across such areas as particle physics, bioinformatics, earth observation, drug discovery, and arts and culture. 

At the heart of g​​lobal research and education networking

The GÉANT Project has consistently shown to be a Europe-wide collaboration with 38 partners united to advance the state of the art in networking and services innovation. GÉANT reaches more than 100 countries worldwide via extensive global partnerships and GÉANT-managed networking projects, keeping it at the heart of g​​lobal research and education networking. Over the past months, GÉANT has enabled a new high-capacity connectivity between Europe and China for researchers, academics and students, has partnered with AfricaConnect2 to create 1st pan-African research and education network and has signed a MoU with Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology.

Making a difference across diverse comm​​unities

GÉANT's pioneering network, innovations and services have an impact across Europe, from big science projects to the man in the street. The knowledge communities GÉANT serves are diverse:

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28 April 2016
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9 May 2017
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