Dr. Gaby Schaunig is a lawyer and politician in Austria. Since 2013, she is Vice-Governor of Carinthia and thereby responsible for amongst others Technology, Research and Development.

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Born and grown up in Carinthia, she studied and did a doctorate in law at the university in Graz, where she also worked as an assistant lecturer at the Department of Judisprudence.

After being employed at the “Kammer für Arbeiter und Angestellte Kärnten” and leading the Department for Intern Revision, she started her politician career in 1999 as a member of the Carinthian government, where she was responsible for Social Welfare. In the years 2005-2008 she was also chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) in Carinthia. In 2011 she made the bar exam and she is a lawyer since.

Since 2013, Gaby Schaunig is Vice-Governor of Carinthia. Her political fields of activity and responsibility are Finances, Communities, Labor Market, and Technology, Research and Development.