Europe is taking a major step forward in research and development into the Future Internet in order to meet evolving requirements.

Under the Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development (FP6 and FP7), Europe has to date invested hundreds of millions of euros in researching the Future Internet: an effort unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Work Programme 2013 will continue this with strengthened and focused support for Future Internet research, mostly concentrated under Challenge 1, ‘Pervasive and Trusted Network and Service Infrastructures’.

Objective 1.7 on ‘Future Internet Research Experimentation’ (FIRE) - one of nine objectives under Challenge 1 - will make a significant contribution to the future of the Web, based on an experimentally-driven vision for developing the Future Internet.

The FIRE initiative makes this vision a reality - building on the links and strong cooperation between the projects that address Objective 1.7.

FIRE is a cross-cutting initiative that supports all the other objectives of Challenge 1. FIRE is therefore emerging as a strategic European initiative ideally positioned to promote  discussion with peers working on similar initiatives worldwide, such as GENI.

A March 2008 conference in Bled, Slovenia, addressed ‘the future of the Internet: perspectives emerging from R & D in Europe’. At that conference, the European Internet community – research, academia, industry, and governments – took a major step forward towards improving Europe’s position in multidisciplinary Internet design.

The resulting ‘Bled declaration’ saw over 60 European Research Projects and 5 European Technology Platforms stress the need to work together more closely on Future Internet activities; a European Future Internet Assembly was also put forward as a forum for discussion and debate on Future Internet developments in Europe.


2 April 2013
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9 May 2017
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