The FIRE initiative (Future Internet Research and Experimentation) creates an open research environment which facilitates strategic research and development of new Internet concepts, giving researchers the tools they need to conduct large-scale experiments on new paradigms.

Future Internet Research & Experimentation (FIRE)

Demand is increasing in both academic and industrial communities to bridge the gap between visionary research and large-scale experimentation: this can be done through experimentally-driven advanced research, with ‘iterative’ cycles of research, design and experimentation:

  • of new networking and service architectures
  • and with paradigms addressing all levels, including horizontal research on issues such as system complexity and security.

This approach requires large-scale experimental facilities, going beyond individual project testbeds, which are needed as validation tools: such as for interoperability issues. They would help anticipate(potentially disruptive) migration paths for developments in technology; discover new and emerging behaviours and patterns of use; and assess at an early stage the socioeconomic implications of new technology solutions.

A simple graph showing the future internet research experimentation implications

FIRE addresses the emerging expectations unleashed by the Internet, by providing a research environment for investigating and experimentally validating innovative and revolutionary ideas. It consists of :

  • FIRE Facility: Building the FIRE experimental facility to support research into the Future Internet, at different stages of the R&D cycle, based on the design principle of an "open, coordinated federation of testbeds".
  • FIRE experimentally-driven research: Visionary multidisciplinary research, defining the challenges for and taking advantage of the FIRE Experimental Facility, consisting of iterative cycles of research, design and large-scale experimentation of new and innovative network and service architectures and paradigms for the Future Internet from an overall system perspective.

Sustainability for FIRE Experimental Facilities is essential to ensure that the facilities are available long enough to enable researchers to plan and conduct experiments. Federation of the facilities is a path to sustainability, but is not sufficient. Encouraging the use of the facilities out of FIRE and linking up with international initiatives is also necessary.