FIWARE is an open source cloud platform with a collaborative and mature ecosystem of developers, innovation Hubs, accelerators, cities and more than 1000 Small and Medium Enterprises and startups. By 2020, businesses leveraging the FIWARE platform are expected to generate revenues of more than EUR 330 million.

FIWARE was born in Europe from the Future Internet Public Private Partnership (FI-PPP), which aimed at:

  • accelerating the development and adoption of Future Internet technologies in Europe,
  • advancing the European market for smart infrastructures, and
  • increasing the effectiveness of business processes through the Internet.

The FIWARE Accelerator Programme has demonstrated to be a fantastic tool to reach out to SMEs and startups. The European network of 16 accelerators, operating within the programme, has attracted over 8,000 submissions to their open calls. More than 1000 Small- and Medium-sized companies (SMEs) and startups have been part of the FIWARE business acceleration programme. They will be serving at least 1.5 million business customers and reaching a market of more than 20 million consumers.


  • Smart Cities
  • AgriFood
  • eHealth
  • Transport
  • Energy & Environment
  • Media & Content
  • Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Social & Learning
  • Others

During the Programme, accelerators have been focusing on boosting the most promising proposals, aimed to outreach in the sectors with more business potential and targeting our principal areas of development.

Over a thousand new or fast-growing small enterprises, part of the FIWARE Accelerator Programme, will be key actors in the most innovative markets, off­ering disruptive apps, IT solutions and web based services. Currently, a great part of the FIWARE startups and SMEs have already developed their market-ready products.

The FIWARE Foundation

The European Commision has funded 2 projects to continue the FIWARE Accelerator Programme: IMPACT GROWTH and frontierCities².

Fully in line with the DSM objectives, FIWARE is ensuring portability, interoperability and openness of services across Europe. It will contribute notably to the Digitisation of European Industry and European Cloud Initiative.

With presence all over the world thanks to its Mundus programme, FIWARE enhances social cohesion by fostering job creation and growth, and is now moving to the market with the support of the FIWARE Foundation. The Foundation is now becoming the central actor driving the FIWARE open platform technology and ecosystem forward and making companies, institutions and contributors very visible in a key initiative of DG CONNECT and the European Commission.


The FI-PPP's goal was to make infrastructures and business processes smarter (i.e. more intelligent, more efficient, more sustainable) through tighter integration with Internet networking and computing capabilities.

The FI-PPP looked at different sectors such as transport, health, and energy. It defined possible innovative business models for these sectors.

The FI-PPP followed an industry-driven, user-oriented approach that combined R&D on network and communication technologies, devices, software, service and media technologies; and their experimentation and validation in real application contexts. It brings together the demand and supply sides, and it involves users early into the research lifecycle. The platform technologies is still used and validated by many actors, in particular by SMEs and public administrations.

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