The EU supports various services to help businesses to find the skilled employees they need.

I am a young ICT graduate, how can I learn more about developing my own business?
The start-up Europe roadshow is designed to create a spirit of entrepreneurship in ICT students and young graduates. If you would like to meet and learn from young entrepreneurs who have already started their own ICT companies then this is the event for you. It will take place in ten cities across Europe between February and September 2014. Find out about an event happening near you on the StartUp Europe Roadshow website.
What support is available to help young entrepreneurs interested in working in other European countries?
If you have started a business in the last three years or you are planning to start one - and have a viable business plan to do so - then you can take part in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs scheme. The scheme will help you travel and work in a new country with experienced entrepreneur, with whom you will stay and collaborate for a period of 1 to 6 months. The stay is partly financed by the European Commission. You can find full details regarding whether you qualify on the dedicated website.
Is there specialist support available to help women to work in ICT?
Women make up only 30% of the ICT workforce in Europe. In order to encourage more women into ICT various initiatives are available to support women wanting to pursue a career in ICT. Information of upcoming events can be found on the Women in ICT page.
How can the EU help me find qualified employees from other European countries?
EURES is a network of public employment agencies designed to help people move to new European countries for work. You can contact a EURES advisor in your region directly and they can put you in contact with qualified candidates from their network. It is also worth checking on upcoming European Job Days, which often have a specific focus such as ICT graduates or engineers.
How can I get the latest skills and knowledge that I need for my business?
The EIT ICT Labs are designed to bring together innovative ICT companies, researchers, and entrepreneurs in one place. You can get the skills and information you need about other areas of research or expertise that can help your business grow. You can find more information either on the website or by contacting a Node near you.
11 March 2014
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9 May 2017
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