The European Commission launched the European Cloud Initiative to capitalise on the data revolution. It will provide European science, industry and public authorities with world-class digital infrastructure that bring state of the art computing and data storage capacity to the fingertips of any scientists and engineer in the European Union.

The "European Cloud Initiative - Building a competitive data and knowledge economy in Europe" was launched to endorse Open science. It will enable researchers to process the huge amounts of scientific data generated by research and to share their scientific results while improving access to knowledge and thus, innovation.

Under this initiative, a European Data infrastructure will combine world-class supercomputing capability with high-speed connectivity and leading-edge data and software services for science, industry and the public sector. This infrastructure will foster the delivery of innovative services by facilitating the collaboration between scientists and industry (including SMEs) and the public sector.

A long-term and large-scale flagship initiative on quantum technologies will complement the initiative to unlock the full potential of quantum which hold the promise to solve computational problems beyond current supercomputers.

The European Cloud initiative will fully unlock the value of big data and foster scientific and technological innovation while helping achieve the objectives of the Digital Single Market Strategy.

The initiative complements other policies and funding measures on Open science:

  • Policies and supporting infrastructures for Open access to scientific information
  • Developing e-infrastructures and related policies for support of research and science in European Commission
  • Promoting research projects under Horizon 2020 to benefit from Digital Science approaches, and to contribute to Digital science development where appropriate
  • Developing Global Systems Science to provide scientific evidence in support of policies and to assist policy makers and civic society to collectively engage in societal action
  • ICT & ART.

A Commission High Level Expert Group European Open Science Cloud was created in September 2015 to provide advice to the Commission on the European Open Science Cloud initiative as part of the Digital Single Market.

More information about the Open Science Cloud is also available on the Research & Innovation website.

Read the communication "European Cloud Initiative - Building a competitive data and knowledge economy in Europe".