The European Network for Women in Digital aims to promote greater participation of girls and women in digital studies and careers across the EU. Connecting organisations that work to combat gender stereotypes, encourage ICT related studies and promote diversity in digital professions can help pool efforts and create critical mass.

The European Network for Women in Digital seeks to consolidate the efforts of existing initiatives and facilitate partnerships between organisations and businesses to:

  • Amplify effort to close the digital gender divide;
  • Champion diversity in digital-related projects, events, networks and media;
  • Promote "women in digital" as the norm rather than the exception; and
  • Harness the power of partnership to achieve all the foregoing.

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For every 1,000 female tertiary graduates in the EU, only 24 have studied ICT-related courses. Only six of these women go on to work in a related professional role. Male graduates in the field currently outnumber females by almost four times, while those that go on to pursue a career in ICT make the gap become twice bigger. The same disparity can be seen among STEM teachers, speakers and panellists at tech events, senior managers in ICT companies, as well as entrepreneurs and digital start-up founders.

Increased awareness of this gender gap in the European digital sector has led to notable initiatives, at both local and national levels. The European Commission has launched the Women in Digital initiative that foresees greater involvement of women in the tech sector as a means for boosting the economy and allowing a full participation in the society.