The European Cloud Partnership (ECP) was established under the 2012 European Cloud Strategy and provided its Trusted Cloud Europe report to the Commission in March 2014.

Current and potential users of cloud computing services as well as service providers and other interested parties were invited to comment on the ECP's ideas by taking part in a survey. Read the assessment of the survey.

The policy recommendations of the Cloud Computing Partnership Steering Board were taken into account in the Digital Single Market strategy, adopted on the 6 May 2015.

One of the DSM activities focused on the European Cloud initiative, aiming at increasing trust when using cloud services and at establishing a European open science cloud. A public consultation was organised and in the course of 2016 results were analysed and follow-up actions developed. Particular areas of interest for cloud computing are certification, standards, interoperability, open science cloud, the digitisation of industry.

Accompanying implementation activities were established, in particular the Cloud-for-Europe (C4E) initiative geared towards public administrations, and the HNScicloud focusing on cloud for public research and innovation.

Full report of the European Cloud Partnership: "Establishing a trusted cloud Europe"