The EU Observatory on the Online Platform Economy monitors and analyses the online platform economy. It supports the Commission in policy-making for online platforms.

The Observatory

The Observatory monitors and analyses latest trends and data in the online platform economy. The insights produced by the observatory help the Commission in policy-making for the online platform economy.

The Observatory is comprised of a group of Commission officials, a dedicated expert group of prominent independent experts and a support study. The different elements of the observatory compliment and reinforce each other to provide the most relevant and high quality analysis to the Commission.

The Observatory has a dedicated website where professional platform users can flag issues they experience with platforms. The observatory uses this information in its work to raise the Commissions awareness of main issues businesses and professional users are facing on online platforms. This is crucial for informed and targeted policies.

The Observatory is part of the new rules for platform-to-business trading practices. It is contributes to the Commissions wider strategy for a fair and safe online economy in the EU.

The expert group

The expert group is made up from 15 independent academic experts.

On 26 February 2021 the final reports were made public following stakeholder feedback and reactions on the progress reports which were published for consultation in July 2020.

The support study

A dedicated study carried out by independent contractor under the supervision of the Commission supports the work of the observatory.

It gathers data, analyses trends and supplies the observatory with the information it needs for its work.

Contributing to the observatory

Any business or professional platform user can help the observatory by submitting their experiences of any issues they have had with platforms on the observatory website. You can do this in any EU language.