Digital Single Market
Digital Economy & Society

Emerging Technologies

Investing in long-term, ground-breaking digital research.

Whereas most Digital Single Market-oriented research carried out by the EU is focused on meeting the specific needs of industry and society, Europe cannot afford to not invest in longer-term research, as that is where tomorrow's innovations will come from.

Hence the EU's emerging technologies research, which focuses on forward-looking ideas that are high-risk, but high pay-off. The research is therefore highly cooperative and multidisciplinary, and looks at the big questions essential to achieving a major impact. Quite remarkable results have already been achieved in areas as diverse as personalised medicine, disease prevention, autonomous smart devices for everyday life and machines capable of human interaction.

In particular, research is funded through:

  • Future and Emerging Technologies (FET): this incubator for new ideas and emerging communities involves encouraging unconventional research into the challenges facing Europe, and large-scale research projects with visionary goals that also offer novel social solutions;
  • Future Networks: replacing the present patchwork of internet, mobile, mobile, fixed and audiovisual networks with a single ICT infrastructure, bringing smart and high-speed connectivity for all, anywhere, at any time;
  • Future Internet Research and Experimentation Initiative (FIRE): setting up an EU-wide experimental infrastructure to test new approaches for tomorrow's internet.
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