Electronic Communications Services give consumers and businesses access to high-speed internet, mobile TV and other technologies, wherever and whenever needed. Ensuring access across Europe takes coordination and co-operation on radio spectrum: enabling seamless wireless connections across borders. This sector - dynamic, rapidly-evolving, innovative - needs a flexible, market-sensitive approach.

Electronic communications on the move

Enabling anyone to connect to advanced information and communications technologies (ICTs) wherever they are is a key goal of the Digital Agenda for Europe. The Commission is working on the framework to extend electronic communication services to all citizens and into new application areas. Radio spectrum usage has a key role in delivering these services.

Already, technologies have been developed and regulatory aspects agreed to allow mobile communications on aircraft (MCA) flying across Europe. Similarly technologies and protocols are being developed and deployed to allow seamless port-to-port electronic communications for ships and other vessels (MCV) in European territorial and international waters.

Accessible services

On the ground, ubiquitous access to advanced communications can drive new services and boost the economy. Both mobile broadband and mobile satellite services bring content-rich applications for large-scale use, increase connectivity for dispersed communities and inspire new business and social interactions.

To ensure that these and future electronic communications services can flourish across Europe, radio spectrum management must be able to adapt, so spectrum users can make timely decisions to respond to new market and technological opportunities.

This is possible through the Wireless Access Policy for Electronic Communications Services (WAPECS) being developed by the Commission for transmission platforms used for radio access to electronic communications services, regardless of the bands in which they operate or the technology they use. The EU regulatory framework recognises the convergence of technologies and services and is working to support a competitive and innovative environment.