The European Commission supports several studies in the field of eHealth.

1. The benefits of eHealth and its impact

2. eHealth and telemedicine services in the EU

  • The study European Hospital Survey - Benchmarking Deployment of eHealth services(2012-2013) measures the level of deployment and take-up of ICT and eHealth applications in acute care hospitals in Europe.
  • Benchmarking Deployment of eHealth among General Practitioners (2013)measures the level of availability and use of eHealth in primary care in the EU and examines what drives or hampers the overall level of eHealth adoption. Besides basic ICT information and infrastructures, the key pillars of eHealth that are being measured include: Electronic Health Record (EHR), Health Information Exchange (HIE), TeleHealth and Personal Health Record (PHR).
  • The study European Countries on their journey towards national eHealth Infrastructures (2011) monitors eHealth strategies in the EU. It assesses the progress made on implementing the national eHealth programmes and plans to review fulfilment of the objectives proposed in the national roadmaps and reinforce commitments towards eHealth development and deployment.
  • The study Methodology to assess Telemedicine Applications (2010) provides information on telemedicine applications in use in Europe, with a particular focus on cross-border solutions. The study also identifies enablers and obstacles to the deployment of telemedicine applications and provide an initial overview of national policies in telemedicine.

3. Interoperability and legal frameworks

4. Business models and financing opportunities

  • Business models for eHealth (2010) analyses business modelling approaches aimed at making eHealth applications financially and operationally sustainable in the longer term. Interests and requirements of the stakeholders have been taken into consideration and particular attention has been given to ICT applications for chronic disease management while also considering research activities carried out in this field with the support of the European Commission.
  • Assessment of financing opportunities available to Member States to support and boost investment in eHealth (2008) aims to support the specific action outlined in the eHealth action plan of supporting, boosting, and leveraging investment in eHealth. The study sheds light on the options available to Member States, and the solutions that exist to face their common challenges.

5. Promising applications in healthcare

6. Sharing good practices

  • eHealth in Action, Good Practice in European Countries. The "Good eHealth" study (2009) identifies the benefits deriving from specific good practice examples, to develop stronger approaches to sharing good practices, and to stimulate faster uptake of new eHealth systems and services.

7. Cross-border healthcare

8. Digital health literacy

9. Electronic Health Records