Policy-makers require accurate and up-to-date information on the state of play of their field of interest: here you can find on-going studies in the area of eGovernment.

In an area where both practice and technology are developing fast, such as eGovernment, the Commission has an ongoing need for in-depth studies, in particular to understand the different stages of implementation in individual Member States. The Commission uses the results of studies to target EU financial support and to inform its policy initiatives in the field of eGovernment.

Completed studies:

Before 2011:

  • Study on "Collaborative production of eGovernment Services" (SMART 2010/0075)
  • A study on Cloud and Service Oriented Architectures for e-Government (SMART 2010-0074)
    Final Report [pdf 7.3MB] | Summary Report [pdf 894KB]
  • Towards a Trusted and Sustainable European Federated eID system (SMART 2010-0068)
    Final Report [pdf 1.82MB]
  • European Large Scale Action Support and Preparatory Activities for eIDM (SMART 2009/0081)
    Final report [pdf 3.78MB]
  • Study on User expectations of a life events approach for designing e-Government services(SMART 2009-0075)
    Final report [pdf 6.84MB]
  • Study on eGovernment scenarios for 2020 and the preparation of the 2015 Action Plan (SMART 2009/0069)
    Final report [pdf 3.28MB]