Examples include, artificial intelligence to improve cancer diagnosis, virtual reality to treat cardiac rehab patients, to augmented reality to train surgeons.

We are IMT and we are educating the current and future healthcare workforces in digital health technologies and entrepreneurship. Our target audience is the current healthcare workforce, from doctors to pharmaceutical companies, and medical, tech and science university students building a career in medicine and healthcare.

Our mission is to foster innovation in digital health, with the aim to advance healthcare, enable disease prevention and help patients.

We had been running digital health educational events in London for 3 years when in 2016 we felt there was a gap in the educational system and decided to launch the IMT Academy for digital health. At that point, we had a unique position in the London community we had helped built, and we had become the largest digital health network in Europe with 5,600 members. We launched 2 projects:

Project 1. IMT Academy The IMT Academy aims to train the future and current healthcare workforce in digital health tools to improve healthcare and patients’ outcomes. We are self-funded and we have launched the initiative in the UK so far. We run courses, master classes and online webinars for local and international participants to attend. We also deliver training to healthcare organisations in-house and deliver the training to innovation leaders responsible to adopt the new technologies to improves their patients’ journeys. Our faculty of mentors include the top leaders in their field and are internationally renowned.

Examples of our courses are: ‘Healthcare Professionals Digital Health Training’ and ‘Startup Bootcamp’. Our Master Classes include: ‘How is Digital Health helping Mental Health?’, ‘What are the Real Use Cases of Blockchain in Healthcare’, ‘Virtual Reality in Healthcare for Wound Therapy and Mental Health’, ‘Machine Learning in Healthcare with Google’

In addition, in 2017 we are run a conference in ‘The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare’. The Academy and courses have been sparked a keen interest from individuals, companies and government agencies such as the national health service (NHS) and British medical Associations.  The Academy has also received international interest from India and the Middle East.

Project 2. Barts X Traditional teaching and content needs to be modernised and disrupted to produce the doctors of tomorrow. Digital Health will change the way care is delivered and patient empowerment with access to the internet and data will drive many of these changes. Both precision and personalised medicine will refocus clinical care on individualised patients. Together with Barts University Medical School in London we launched a pilot digital health course for medical students. Following a day of lectures, and a 3-month long challenge to develop a project, IMT organised a hackathon for students to pitch their ideas, and an internship at a healthcare organisation to develop the winning idea. The pilot in 2016/2017 was a success and the digital health course is now embedded in the medical degree curriculum. This is the first digital health course in a medical school in the UK and possibly in Europe and the world.

Success factors

We are extremely proud of what our self-funded projects have achieved so far. Our work is enabling healthcare professionals understanding and deploying technologies to improve our life’s as patients, to prevent disease development and progression, to have a better and more personalised medicine, and to build new companies.

Our success stories have been:

  1. IMT Academy We have delivered training courses to corporates, individuals and startups. From our startup boot camp course;
  2. Companies emerged from it. During the course, we had connected them to venture capital and trained them in building a business plan. We delivered a digital health course to a company that resulted in a bigger project in which we organised an immersive two-day innovation weekend where digital health solutions for cancer patients receiving intravenous infusions at hospital were developed. In February 2017, we were kindly invited to the European Commission to talk about our initiative and to discuss how we could implement it in other countries.

2. Barts X Part of the pilot course was to group the students and give them 3 months and 2 mentors to build an idea. The students built excellent ideas some of which have now turned into start-ups. The course was so successful medical students from other universities around the UK formed a group, run a conference to put a proposition together and are now liaising with their own medical schools to incorporate digital health in their medical degrees.

Our initiative is unique in which we started digital health training in UK, we implemented this training into medical schools and we count with mentors who are pioneers and global leaders in their field. We are also unique in which we provide online access to the training session so everyone can learn. The key sustainability factor is to keep on partnering with healthcare companies to train their teams in exchange of a fee.

We are extremely proud of our achievements so far and of the impact our Academy is and will have in the increasingly technological medical world.

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