ETC and its Learning-as-a-Service Solution with a Digital Learning path supports the skills building process within the EU for more digital IT professionals.

Simply Azure Academy ONE provides the best set of skills development services combined in one worldwide usable LaaS solution. By using this solution, we were able to increase the number of Cloud Certified IT Pros by 441%. We became one of the leading Digital Learning Services providers globally. Moreover, the ETC solution became the best practice that was adopted by other Learning Partners and Microsoft subsidiaries working with LLPA within EU! So you already find LaaS solutions based on/influenced by „Simply Azure Academy ONE“ within our international Organisation LLPA in Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Iceland and more to come.

Results in Austria

# of Cloud certified IT-Professionals in Austria has been growing 441% between November 2017 and March 2018 – so we are seeing nearby a +5x YOY growth rate from November in additional skilled and certified Digital Experts / Cloud Professionals in Austria

Key Facts of Simply Azure Academy ONE

  • LaaS Solution focused on driving Azure Certification incl. MOOC (massive open online course - digital learning), CoC, FLC, Practice Tests and MCP Exams (Microsoft certified professionals);
  • Social Learning platform– to enrich learning;
  • Added Hybrid Learning/flipped classroom concept to increase the practical skills/knowledge exchange;
  • 24/7 certified trainers and crowd support services for the learners;
  • Managed User Engagement Services to push the completion rate nearby 100%;
  • Quality and Success Reporting

“Simply Azure Academy ONE“ with the following advantages:

  • Clear „way to go“ and clear goal (MCP exam on Azure):1 track for IT-Infrastructure Professionals and 1 track for Developers.
  • Flexible time management, individual learning pace;
  • Social Learning Experience based on Microsoft Teams;
  • Focus on official certified MOOCs;
  • Skills assessment and interim results with Certificates of Completions;
  • Online/Offline ILT Workshops for social interaction and skills deep-dives;
  • First look clinics, Practice tests and exam incl. Retake;
  • Continuously technical and learning support;
  • User engagement Services and Status reports

This unique Hybrid-Learning/flipped classroom program enables IT-Professionals and -Developer to build and deepen their Azure skills next to their jobs, interact 24/7 with other experts in the social learning environment, enrich their learning experience in the Online-Sessions & workshops and finally pass their exam. The clear add-on benefit: It is NOT a stressful bootcamp therefore the skills built by MOOCs and practical workshop sessions are deeper and more retrievable in real-world-scenarios – so after passing their exam, students are able to create solutions based on Azure Services.

Success factors

Due to the fact that Simply Azure Academy ONE is a Hybrid learning format, we have been able to scale that program to optimize the reach within the market – and that was definitely necessary.

Our initial plan was to train and certify 15 to 20 IT Professionals in the first term – but already after 17 hours, all these available seats were sold-out and we saw an ongoing and growing demand. Therefore, we delivered SAA Services to more than 150 IT-Professionals in the first term from November 2017 until April 2018, transformed "old skills" experts to Digital Skills Heroes, and realized the most successful Cloud / Digital Professional Skills certification campaign ever in this region.

Organization details

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ETC - Enterprise Training Center
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Michael Swoboda