sheleader was born with the will to help solve three gender problems:

  1. Wage gap: according to the latest report Women in business and management from the OIT 2015, less than 5% of management in large companies around the world is occupied by women;
  2. Digital gender gap: although women's access to digital tools has improved, professional use does not yet prevail among men. As an example, according to INE data 18% of men use Internet to participate in professional networks compared to 14% of women;
  3. Little presence of women in the STEM sector: According to the data from the Institute of Statistics of UNESCO, of all the researchers in the world, only 29% are women.

The key is in the low university enrolment of female students in STEM careers. Faced with these problems that affect the professional development of women, at sheleader, we are creating a platform that provides training and creates networks of women to accelerate women´s talent.

  • Who is implementing the project?


  1. Lourdes Muñoz: Expert in public and technological policies. Parliamentarian in the Spanish Parliament (12 years). Technical engineer, expert in information and knowledge, in Equality and creation of networks. President of Dones en Xarxa and of Iniciativa Barcelona Open Data.
  2. Eva Vila: Specialist in diversity policies and consulting. More than 20 years in management positions in CPG companies and consultancies in the USA, Germany and Spain. Economist, expert in business management, marketing and internalization of projects. Expert in Equality and Co-Founder of WeEQUAL.


  1. Maria Figueras: Graduated in Journalism, communication specialist and expert in social networks and video and content creation. Programming team YMBRA, a company specializing in the creation of web products developed on the Drupal free software project.
  2. ORIOL ROSSELLÓ. Senior programmer. Conceptualization and Monitoring. Graduated in Physics and Bachelor in Audiovisual Communication, 11 years of experience.

sheleader is an association that through its online platform, connects women willing to co-create and to learn from other women, creating a network to share knowledge.

The wage gap and the glass ceiling are still a reality in the business world. sheleader was born to help women to overcome these barriers. sheleader offers through its online platform, a series of services for women leaders, managers and entrepreneurs. From online networking, to mentoring services, training and co-creation services.

It is about women helping each other and offering empowerment resources. In addition, sheleader will also make visible and give voice to women and leaders so that more women are encouraged to grow professionally, and ultimately break the glass ceiling. The project is a 100% digital program to accelerate women´s talent. We are starting in Spain in 2018 and new are planning to expand globally.

We have started to operate in 2018 and we describe in the next lines our strategic plan and timing.

  1. Pre-launch. (January-June) 1.a Search for ambassadors.1.b Search for Mentors and Trainers. 1.c Agreements with professional women associations;
  2. Founding Members (June-July). Crowdfunding campaign of initial +100 "founding members;
  3. Launching Platform (August-September) Communication campaign to register members;
  4. BETA Platform (September – December). We will offer the first services for members, which will be: VIP conferences, training and networking;
  5. Platform Services (February - June). Development of platform services, creation of challenges and co-creation services by members, premium partners (other women) will be also able to offer their professional services, creation of algorithms, and other additional services;
  6. Web platform-planning 1. (25 June 18-10 October 18) Creation of the necessary technology platform streaming services + Payment platform and template definition;
  7. (November´18-Februar´19) Creation of modules for premium members to access international nodes. Then, online advice services will be added;
  8. Internationalization (June´19- January´20). Incorporation of the first international franchises.

Different stakeholder´s collaboration: a network of experts in training, top leaders that participate as speakers and mentors. We have the support from women networks and associations that want to join forces with such as: Fundación Mujeres, XDSCAT, ADE, Circulo empresarias de Madrid, Women in Mobile, etc.

Success factors

The impact of the initiative:

  1. Access to woman with limited time and financial resources. Being a 100% online platform, it facilitates training and professional growth for women, since they do not need to travel to access these services that will accelerate their career growth, and do not need the same economical resources either.
  2. Access to a larger group of women that have time constraints, due to the fact that it is an online platform. Today most family caretakers are woman and they have less available time for their own careers than men. This tool will help to eliminate some of these time constraints.
  3.  Access to international growth. The ubiquity of the network allows the women of Barcelona to connect with each other, and also with women from abroad. This platform offers them the possibility of doing international networking, gain contacts to internationalize their companies and projects. If women are able to leverage these advantages of the internet, we will be advancing in the disappearance of the gender digital divide that exists even between the professional careers of women and men.

The impact is multiple for the professional life of the women participants: sheleader facilitates the subscribers networking opportunities to expand contacts. The more subscribers sheleader has, the more contacts a subscriber itself will have too. If we assume that approximately 10% of the contacts that a subscriber can have in the platform are already existing ones, the remaining 90% are new ones.

In addition, if we have a target reaching 46,000 subscribers in 2021, that means potentially 41.400 new contacts for each subscriber. The cost of adding contacts through the platform is much faster and cheaper than if one person would need to do it by itself; you do not need to travel, have a group that is already segmented.. It also facilitates access to women with limited time or economic resources to create contacts from other countries.

Increase in productivity: if you are a subscriber of sheleader that increases the possibilities of connecting with professionally women that are your target, for example: potential clients, potential partners, potential employees. Thanks to sheleader, women will accelerate their talent supported by mentors and trainers of sheleader. If we assume that the average subscriber has an annual income of 30k€ and that by 2021 sheleader will have 46,000 members, and that each one will increase their productivity, as an average of 2%. The result of that would 13.8Million€ by 2021. The average increase of productivity is a consequence of their progression, for example higher bonuses, more company promotions or if we speak about entrepreneurs, better business results, due to more contacts.

  • Why sheleader is unique?

sheleader is a 100% online platform that brings together women from the business and technology fields to accelerate their talent. That is why sheleader is innovative; because only and exclusively through its virtual rooms, it gathers women to offer them training, mentoring, networking activities and conferences to become empower.

There are some women networks in Spain, but they are based on face-to-face activities. They use their website only to share promotional information and as a content portal.

sheleader offers all its services online. In addition, sheleader is a platform of platforms, because other women, can also offer their professional services through it. This helps them grow locally and internationally thanks to the international network of sheleader. Therefore, it is not only an innovative project, but also a solution that creates networks of women and women's associations to visualize and promote women leadership.

There are associations in the world that provide services to women and companies globally. In the United States, New, and in England, LEAD. However, they are different from sheleader for five reasons: they only operate in their country of origin, they are limited to one or several types of industry, most of their activity is face-to-face and rarely they do online activities, they are not a platform of platforms and they do not offer co-creation services.

Organization details

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Association sheleader
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