It takes place 3 times in a year, and It is totally for free for all participants. In 2018, it involved 137 young professionals (70% of those were young women). According to G20, in the next few years, the 60% of professions will be digitalized and European countries are not able to seize these working opportunities due to a lack of digital skills and competences among young professionals. Palestre aims at creating new professional’s figures focused on digital fields, avoiding youth unemployment.

Palestre’ Programme includes:

  • 120 hours of classrooms with testimonies from over 40 top Italian professionals;
  • 30 hours of e-learning courses;
  • 60 hours dedicated to Project Work and team exercises;
  • Tutoring activities for students both during the training in the classroom and during the placement phase in the company ;
  • Contacts with selected companies, interested in offering 4/6 months of training on the job/ internship Palestre is a multi-stakeholder project that involves a coalition of different players (companies, non-profit organizations and Institutions) that donate for free their time, services and knowledge.

The coalition includes:

  1. Young Women Network (YWN) – first Italian NGOs focused on young women empowerment;
  2. Accenture Italia - a leading management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company;
  3. Samsung Italia – a multinational companies in the field of consumer electronics, IT and device solutions;
  4. Fondazione Italiana Accenture – a Foundation that aims at spreading social innovation in the field of sustainable development, education for young people and digital culture;
  5. Randstad - a multinational human resource consulting firm;
  6. Assolombarda - an entrepreneurial Association made by 6000 Italian firms to encourage the development of the local industry;
  7. FederTurismo – the National Italian Federation of the travel and tourism industry;
  8. JobFarm - an internships promoter focused on career counseling and highly specialized training courses and Cariplo Factory – an open innovation hub focused on talents promotion.

Palestre is aligned with the global mission of Accenture of promoting digital skills and youth education and with YWN’s approach on digital skills, as “soft” transversal competences to better catch job marketing opportunities and challenges. In 2017, YWN contributed to create a G20 Report on gender parity gap, providing an overview of initiatives addressing digital gender divide in Italy. From the analysis, it emerges that, despite the interesting numbers of educational initiatives addressed to young men and women (17 years of age), Palestre is one of the few projects in Italy dedicated to empowering young professionals and graduated students (age 23-29) on digital skills.

Success factors

Palestre is one the few digital projects for empowering under 30 professionals in Italy. Since 2012, it involved about 300 young women and men. It is strongly oriented on young women participation (70% in 2018's Edition), and this is the main reason of the collaboration with Young Women Network.

Palestre’s strength is to involve a multi-stakeholder group of key players in digital education and job placement, improving opportunities of employment for all young participants. In 2018’s edition, 71% of professionals trained obtained a job opportunities in digital fields.

In the next year, Palestre will improve online education launching a platform that will be accessible for free to everyone (not only Palestre’s participants). This will help spreading digital skills, avoiding digital gender gap e youth unemployment.

Organization details

Name of the organization
Young Women Network (YWN)
Website of the organization
Contact person
Martina Rogato