We work with global businesses to upskill their talent in digital, giving their teams the confidence, understanding and ability to create exceptional customer experiences, build strong brands, and deliver business success in a technology-driven world.

We are experts in education and learning. Our courses combine technology, award-winning animation, interactivity and content to create an unique, exciting and engaging learning experience.

Written by our faculty of experienced independent professional practitioners, our lessons cover key marketing disciplines from Big Data, CRM, Email Marketing and Social Media through eCommerce, SEO Strategy and Digital Transformation. With over 60 lessons in 20 different subject areas on the MyCircusStreet platform, we offer an always-on solution, accessible online and offline that give our clients the freedom and flexibility to access our content wherever and whenever they please. With an Account Management team who work with our clients to execute training programmes and ensure that they align with their key strategic business objectives and a Client Engagement team who are always on hand to capture results and drive the adoption and implementation of new concepts, skills and ideas across our client’s teams, our training is trusted by major global brands and agencies.

Circus Street’s learning programs have been delivered to over 200 of the world’s leading global brands, and have trained over 50,000 learners, ranging from junior staff to c-suite executives. We cater to a wide variety of industries with clients such as Unilever, Bayer, COTY, LEGO and WPP all working with us to design programs that align with their business goals and deliver tangible benefits.

Success factors

Over the last 10 years, we have delivered learning programmes to over 200 global brands in 140 countries worldwide, working with them to increase the digital capability of their businesses. It is very important to us that our impact on those client’s bottom lines is measurable and that we can assess the impact it has had on our client.

Once learning programs have been launched, our Client Engagement and Account Management team track 3 key KPIs:

  • Engagement and lesson completion;
  • Knowledge uplift;
  • Behavioural change targeted against specific business KPIs.

Learner engagement and lesson completion is tracked on our learning platform. We use these statistics to report back to clients on learner progress.

Knowledge uplift is tracked on our learning platform via mandatory pre- and post-lesson questionnaires. Before taking part in a lesson on a particular subject, learners are asked ten questions to assess their knowledge on the subject. Once they have completed the lesson, learners are asked another ten questions. Their knowledge level both before and after the lesson is measured and we use the difference in knowledge level to measure each learner’s uplift in knowledge. This helps show our clients their ROI in the learning, proving that their staff are benefiting from the learnings and improving their knowledge of digital. 

Behavioural change is also measured by our Client Engagement teams, targeted against specific business KPIs that are determined by our clients. We collect qualitative feedback from learners across our clients, from the C-Suite to more junior employees, on the difference Circus Street makes to their day-to-day work and their businesses success.

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