With online learning environment platform Moodle we prepared three courses with materials and activates for between seven and eight weekly chapters.

Lack of motivation from our students to learn music theory was the main driver in spring 2015 to create an interactive and fun learning platform which would offer condensed chapters of knowledge and enable students to participate based on their time availability. Our main target audience are students of music, either our students or external, being either on complete beginner level or for those who want to learn more. We have decided to make it accessible for free to everyone, no matter their musical background and agenda, age or location.

As mentioned before, there are three courses with three difficulty levels which consist of quizzes, video lectures and practical tasks. A team of six people has prepared 113 video lectures, among other materials.

The courses are taking part twice a year, in spring and in autumn. Attendees who successfully finish the course are awarded with a certificate with gained skills and competences together with new knowledge description. After each course, a ceremony with all the participants is arranged where they are awarded with the certificate and encouraged to share their thoughts about the course.

The development of the platform was partially funded with internal resources, partially with funds for Public Services. It uses free framework Moodle and it is hosted on Arnes network infrastructure (Academic and Research Network of Slovenia). In last two years, the platform does not have any material resources and it is maintained by two volunteers.

Success factors

As far as we are aware, musical theory has never been presented in the form of a massive open online course. In general, also other topics are rarely covered in such way in Slovenia. Until now, 262 attendees have enrolled in the course out of which 47 of them have finished all the tasks and chapters successfully.

Organization details

Name of the organization
Kulturno umetniško društvo Coda
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Contact person
Katja Sreš