There is no doubt that game-based learning holds endless opportunities in education and that we are still far from taking full advantage of it. The intention of creating a game like Enchanted Crystals was to build a showcase in which we integrated learning content from a school curriculum into a mobile game that is highly motivating.

We wanted to create a game that lets learners practice their math skills and have fun doing it. This also gave us the opportunity to study the quality of learning achieved through the game, thus contributing to the further development and advancement of mobile learning and game-based learning in general. Additionally by focusing on making a mobile game we have created something that young people can play at home, on their own devices.

Success factors

What impact has the initiative had or is it expected to have?

The impact of the project is expected to be unequivocal. Already the trials conducted by the partnership are very positive.

Is the impact measurable?

The indexes that we measure are measurable since we can measure the improvement in math education. Another index is the number of downloads of our educational game.

What is unique to this initiative?

The unique design principles we used in this game are:

  1. Engage the students with a story and a hero,
  2. Employ familiar game mechanics from popular video games,
  3. Provide constructive trial and error gameplay for learning.

What are its key sustainability factors?

The key sustainability factors for our project are:

  1. Broad Base of Community Partners.
  2. Our Associate partners who are committed to our project’s vision.
  3. The determination of the Partners to invest on the promotion of the outcomes.
  4. The support of educational authorities from the program countries.

Organization details

Name of the organization
Platon Schools
Website of the organization
Contact person
Blatsios Spyridon