It is estimated that between 500-600,000 highly skilled IT-practitioners will be missing from the European labour market by 2020. Therefore, there is an urgent need for action to be taken in order to reduce this anticipated gap between the demand for highly skilled IT workers, and the availability of a qualified workforce. ITPE is a network of stakeholders strongly committed to the advancement of IT professionalism.

The network includes public and private sector experts from critical IT domains, including policy, standards, HR and IT management, as well as education, training and other service providers that support IT professionalism. ITPE works closely with key public actors in IT professionalism, from the European Commission, the European Parliament, CEN and National Standards Bodies, and Member States. ITPE is the result of CEPIS's (Council of European Professional Informatics Societies) pledge to support the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

Success factors

In our pledge to support the DSJC, we aim to gather 50 organisations under our network; today, the number of members is at 72. Key to our work is promoting the e-CF among our members, and elsewhere, which we are the ideal platform for, since the final conference of the 'e-CF Alliance' was held on October 11, 2018, and will not continue. ITPE currently strives to hold trainings in its usage from next year upon demand of interested parties (in collaboration with Capgemini).

Apart from the e-CF and the field of 'Competences', ITPE just as well commits to supporting the otherĀ  pillars of IT professionalism: application of the Body of Knowledge, education and training and ethics in the profession. Progress within the pillars are discussed at our expert group meetings, which we aim to host at least two times a year at our office in Brussels. As ITPE still is relatively new, more initiative is expected to manifest itself as we grow.

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