INCIBE, aware of this need, began offering specialized cybersecurity services for this area in June 2014 through its “Protege tu empresa” brand.

“Protege tu empresa” (Protect your business) provides SMEs and freelancers with a variety of resources on cybersecurity trying to cover all those aspects that are essential for this type of organisations. INCIBE, aware of this need, began offering specialized cybersecurity services for this area in June 2014 through its “Protege tu empresa” brand.

Since then, the work of research, evolution, definition and development of new proposals that bring cybersecurity closer and establish it in an appropriate way in Spanish companies has been the object of the Institute's daily work.

The objective is to facilitate the safe use and exploitation of information technologies with confidence as a key and value-added tool in any business environment, with an approach adapted to companies with different sizes and levels of technological dependence.

Currently, Protege tu empresa's portfolio of services includes initiatives with a clear learning component as well as tools and information services.

The information services pretend to bring the latest news and trends in cybersecurity to the business community as well as those alerts that may require a specific action in their security management. To do this, these alerts and trends are detailed in the blog, security alerts and bulletins associated with these alerts.

Complementing this current panorama, the cybersecurity dossiers called “Qué te interesa” (What are you interested in?) reflect a monographic view of knowledge domains with static information and complementary resources such as videos and info graphs.

With regard to training services, the course on cybersecurity for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and freelancers offers companies the opportunity to learn about the risks they face and how to deal with them through online training that can be expanded with the information available in the cybersecurity dossiers and cybersecurity policies, forming a tool of direct application for the entrepreneur when implementing the best cybersecurity practices.

With a more playful approach to the world of business cybersecurity, the serious game "Hackend: game over" allows you to learn what security measurements to implement and the possible effects of current threats.

Moreover, in response to the specific needs and problems of the different sectors of activity, sectoral training offers an interactive environment for 10 business sectors ranging from industry, logistics, education or health to professional services in general.

The Protege tu empresa team also carries out specific face-to-face workshops and seminars in Businessmen Associations, Chambers of Commerce and in companies that request that support.

To complement the educational and information services, it is essential to provide tools or instruments that are easy to apply in companies.

Thus, the self-diagnosis tool “Conoces tus riesgos” (Do you know your risks?) allows you to identify the level of risk and detect actions and solutions to manage, assume or mitigate those that correspond. Along with this analysis, security policies for SMEs are an element of easy and direct application to establish measurements and to reinforce corporate cybersecurity.

To bring the demand and supply of services closer together, the catalogue of cybersecurity companies offers more than 5,000 solutions and services available through the different suppliers that make up the cybersecurity industry. Trust seals promote user trust and the recognition of security practices.

In response to malware and viruses currently present on the network:

  • The dreaded ransomware attacks find in the AntiRansomware service the actions to mitigate them.
  • The risk of botnets is combated by means of an AntiBotnet service that detects when a company's network contains equipment forming part of a zombie network. This service is also provided in collaboration with the main telecommunication operators and is an exemplary practice of public-private collaboration.

In order to attend to the weakest link, the employee, awareness-raising tasks gain effectiveness and power when experience and material are reused. Here, the awareness kit provides everything needed for a complete strategy to be deployed in 12 months that has been recognized and applied by companies, universities and organisations of different sizes and nature.

In addition, for a direct and personal treatment, INCIBE has an exclusive point of contact for companies in which to consult any doubt or problem related to cybersecurity.

Our work does not end here and throughout 2019 we will launch new projects and services focused on the protection of the self-employed, micro-SMEs, SMEs and companies in general. One premise: cybersecurity as an added value to business by generating trust between users and customers.

Success factors

Many organisations are aware of the risks to which they are exposed and act in order not to be affected by cybersecurity incidents. More and more work is being done on risk management, developing business-linked cybersecurity policies, but there is still much to be done: strengthening these policies; strengthening the capacities of companies to detect and stop cyberattacks; investing more money in cybersecurity; equipping themselves with better and more specialized professionals; having business continuity plans and disaster and incident recovery plans, etc.

Cyber threats are growing every year and small and medium enterprises are the most affected by these attacks. Sometimes these types of companies do not have the knowledge or staff needed to deal with them.

This is why the role of “Protege tu empresa” is so important. We train, raise awareness and assist small businesses that make use of information technology.

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