HXDatascience is a strategic initiative based on recommendations from the European plan, especially the DSJC, to achieve the ambition to meet the shortage of skills and jobs in the fields of Big data, Cybersecurity, IOT, and AI, because digaital transformation is using the new blood and the data.

The audience is composed of jobseekers, women and men who are formally Phd students and engineers, as well as workforce to upskill from several sectors.

Our stakeholders are the French Agency for Employment, Fafiec as OPCA, Edtech from big data to improve the learning process. The project is part of a wider digital strategy for France, in Europe, and part of a national coalition consisting of a partnership with the Ministry of labour and the Grande Ecole du numerique, and the MEDEF. The project lasted for one year, and budget is 250,000 Euros (public funding, own funds).

Success factors

An innovative approach, using new ways of learning through bootcamps, peer learning, and sprint design, the participation of concrete, and realistic and great enterprise projects, the percentage of speed recruitment 91% 3 weeks after the end of the session, the flagship approach for top level engineers and scientific PhDs, running for new horizons and sexy jobs. Sustainability is now data driven through alliances with corporate, startup ecosystems, accelerators and incubators.

Organization details

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ORT France
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Raphael Attias