To promote the culture of certification in Spain, where it is not yet as deeply rooted as in other European countries, Media Interactiva has developed the CERTINET project. CERTINET aims the academic spheres, as well as the business sector, thus enabling any person to accredit the knowledge and skills necessary for the use of digital tools through exams. Certifications promoted by CERTINET, are of recognized international prestige. They offer users a competitive advantage both to students and to people who are going to enter the labour market for the first time or who are already active.

Within this project, we intend to reduce the digital gap between the digital native and digital competent, as well as the gender gap in the access and acquisition of digital skills. Therefore, Certinet has signed an agreement with five educational centers aimed at a female audience, for the implementation of a certification program in digital competitions. Certinet has signed an agreement with five schools in the region of Andalusia, in Spain, (Albaydar, Guadalimar, EFA El Cható, Monaita and Zalima), whose students are exclusively female, for the integration of certified digital skills in its classrooms, reinforcing its commitment to internationalisation and digitisation, on the one hand, and the improvement of its extra-curricular educational offer, on the other.

Currently, the greatest demand for technology in our society is in the field of Education and Training for employment. In order to get people to develop the skills needed for the work of today and tomorrow, it is essential that technology is introduced and plays a relevant role in the early stages of education. Therefore, the fundamental tool to demonstrate those competences and skills acquired by the students is certification.

Thus, through Certinet, launched in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao, the Spanish company Media Interactiva aims to promote the culture of certification from an early age in the Spanish educational community, offering national schools implementation, within its academic program. This involves the most recognized and internationally demanded certifications, among which are IC3, Microsoft Office Specialist and Microsoft Certified Educator, as well as training and complements, such as the practical LearnMOS, to help the success and achievement of said official accreditations.

Success factors

In the specific case of these five schools, Certinet has made available to its students the possibility of carrying out training actions aimed at obtaining the Microsoft Office Specialist certification, after carrying out practices aimed at this purpose, through a training tool and preparation for the certification called LearnMOS. The MOS certification is internationally recognized, included in the European framework of ICT EQF competences as an intermediate digital competence, so that they can provide the students with an additional curricular value, as well as the accreditations in languages granted by the University of Cambridge, as they are A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2.

These training actions are also conducted in an assisted manner and monitored by the technical staff of Certinet. Through the 5 female centers enrolled in Certinet, this initiative will reach approximately 300 students, who will have the opportunity to officially be accredited in digital competitions, taking into account that the certifications promoted by Certinet are internationally recognised.

This program has three different benefits for schools, because, in addition to becoming an examining agent that issues these degrees, it offers its students greater curricular value by having an internationally recognized certification, as well as its teachers, by encouraging them to obtain certification in digital competences so that they can successfully integrate technology into the classroom.

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