The children are taught to the environmental protection, energy efficiency by our foundation with the help of the digital interactive AR workbook. (we use a free of charge downloadable AR technology to create AR content)

Apart from this digital workbook, our target is to instruct the students and the teachers to create this kind of digital augmented reality contents not just connecting with the environmental protection but connecting with any other subjects (history, maths, biology etc.)

Success factors

The success factors of this initiative are the followings:

  1. We would like to spread the using of this technology among the teachers and the students;
  2. We would like to achieve that every school will have min. 2 teachers who can use this AR technology, and can create digital content connecting to the different subjects;
  3. We would like to achieve that the students in the schools can get acquainted with this immerse technology, and can create digital contents, where they know the basic programing skills, selecting and filtering the relevant information in order to the created digital content contains the appropriate, and reliable information.

Organization details

Name of the organization
Pro Gemmo Foundation