On our learning platform, we developed affordable online and in-person training programs to enable people interested in IT field learn new skills.

Our programs are job-ready and tailored to match needs of industry, thanks to partnerships and cooperation with IT companies. In addition to education, we offer career advice, guidance and provide help with finding suitable technical position.

At the moment, we are working on new, interesting addition to our portal. We are about to include company profiles and job postings to our portal. It enables people learning new skills to find and apply to new positions right on our portal.

We have 2500 students; more than 200 successfully found new IT position or have been promoted. In 2019, we are planning to expand to EU countries. We are hoping to help much more people to gain digital skills, be reskilled or upskilled and enter IT field as new workforce.

Success factors

We helped hundreds of people to gain skills necessary for working in IT field. We gather data and stay in touch with all graduates in order to provide long-term support if necessary. Our way of teaching, platform features and connection with companies provides people unique opportunity to become IT professionals and relevant hiring choice.

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ENGETO Academy
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Marian Hurta
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