We have set up two open labs and have created open educational material (available at to provide free courses to mixed classes of refugees and Greek youth. Code+Create has been initially designed and implemented in partnership between FCA and GFOSS. It continues with new courses in cooperation with IOCC.

The project’s main objectives are:

  • To provide refugee youth who are not in school or have no access to other educational activities with a solid foundation in digital & tech skills, and the starting tools for more advanced exploration and/or coursework in information technology;
  • To provide a shared space for refugee and Greek youth to interact, learn and work together on digital projects;
  • To create an inspiring learning environment where youth are encouraged to learn, connect and problem solve.

Success factors

The program was designed in order to include the social integration aspect, and this is what differentiate it from other similar projects/initiatives in Greece that were targeted to refugees.

The scope of this project was to create mixed classes (Greeks and refugees) and use English as a language for the courses in order for everyone to leave their comfort zone and encourage collaboration.

In addition, we try to have a balance in terms of gender and ethnicity in every group. The program has provided a range of different courses, starting from introduction courses to coding, web design, digital content creation etc. where there were no prerequisites in computer skills but also more sophisticated and advanced modules such as advanced Web Design. So far, we had more than 200 beneficiaries that has participated in the project and their feedback has been very positive.

Organization details

Name of the organization
GFOSS - Open Technologies Alliance
Website of the organization
Contact person
Despina Mitropoulou