Passionate about education, technology, innovation, and social mobility, TomTom co-founder and entrepreneur Corinne Vigreux founded Codam, a coding college for students between 18 and 30 years in the heart of Amsterdam. Codam is part of a growing network of schools licensed to the French school “42”, where students learn programming in a peer-to-peer environment, without teachers. It is our purpose to provide education to a new generation of young people, to help them grow into skilled digital visionaries. Students learn by practicing programming and solving difficult problems together with their peers. Codam educates how to learn, think, do, adapt and evolve to overcome tomorrow’s challenges. Furthermore, real-world training and internships, assignments from leading tech companies, and interaction with experienced professionals from both industry and academia complete the curriculum.

Codam is especially a female-friendly place, as we believe the future needs to be written by a diverse group with people from different walks of life, both men and women. It is our goal to have at least 50% percent of women studying at Codam. To pursue this mission, we work closely together with women (refugee) organisations, focus our communication mainly on women and provide enough places for women in our program. Furthermore, Codam is a woman inviting and friendly place, something that unfortunately is mostly not evident by male-dominated tech environments.

To help lower as many barriers as possible between future digital leaders and Codam, no experience or diplomas are required in order to apply, and Codam is tuition free. It is all about willpower and drive. The course will take, on average, 3 years and a half to complete and include industry internships. In the next three years, Codam will welcome up to 500 students in a brand-new building in the heart of Amsterdam.

Codam is completely funded by Foundation Codam, the object of the Foundation is to fund and provide free education to students aged 18 and older in the area of computer coding and software development to prepare students for future employment. The importance of Codam’s work is endorsed by the Dutch tech community, who are in continuous need of finding highly skilled software engineers to solve tomorrow’s tech challenges.

Success factors

Codam is a revolution in education in the Netherlands; students learn without teachers; there are no classes, and the building is 24/7 accessible. Students learn in a radical peer-to-peer environment, where each student also becomes a teacher.

It is our goal to educate more than 500 students in the upcoming three years, with 50% women. Thanks to Codam, students are prepared for worldwide leading tech companies and startups. Codam students will have the ability to solve difficult problems, be creative and adaptive to new technologies, and tomorrow’s challenges. This is a need in the fast-changing world, with an enormous shortage of good software engineers and digital visionaries.

We give young people, regardless of their education, economic background or financial ability, the opportunity to maximize their potential and kick-start a career in tech.

Young people that did not fit in the regular education, dropped out for various reasons, or might never think about a career in tech.

Codam is open for all: no knowledge nor prerequisites of any kind are expected. Getting in is as easy as taking an online test that is about solving puzzles and a month-long selection course, a life-changing adventure in which you will experience basics of programming from absolute scratch.

Since September 2018, Codam is affecting the lives of hundreds of young people, and setting out an example for a more diverse and inclusive tech community.

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Stichting Codam
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Roos Peters