Global Knowledge is a leading IT training company with presence in more than 20 countries and almost 1.500 employees around the world. We focus on developing high-level digital skills for IT professionals. Working closely to get certified professionals around the world, our aim is to enable these companies to get the most of them.

Since last year, we have been developing a project, and its tagline is Building skills to enable success, with which we focus on speeding the hi-tech IT skills up, and promoting official and certified trainings to professionals. The project includes an e-learning services platform, where customers and clients can enjoy the virtual training, placing technological skills first. The entire digital catalogue can be found here:

This project is being implemented by Global Knowledge Int. both US and MEA and EMEA regions so all professionals can benefit from it. The funds to make this project possible are private, as Global Knowledge teams truly believe in this project to enable IT professionals to grow up on their training paths. The project “Building Skills to enable success” is aimed to help IT managers, professional teams and any other professional who are in need to improve their digital skills: soft skills training courses, data center trainings, cloud-related content… all developed to promote digital transformation across the Industry. This project is being promoted across the whole company, involving:

  • US, MEA and EMEA operational teams;
  • Marketing teams worldwide;
  • Sales teams who are delivering these solutions extremely well;
  • Financial departments.

Putting all this together, the stakeholders involved that will also benefit from this program are:

  1. Enterprise business: we are managing to fulfill their needs in term of digital skills gap;


  1. Small and medium-size companies: being able to customize courses and training paths for any need they find within their organisations.


  1. Individual IT professionals who want to improve their careers and IT skills.


  1. ES Government: by delivering training courses in Spain for unemployed It professionals, we want them to take an active part of this program.

This project is being implemented in all countries across MEA, EMEA and US to contribute to the global company strategy for being the leading on-demand IT training company. This Global Knowledge initiative has been implemented to fulfill market needs in terms of:

  • Training demands;
  • Timing preferences: this virtual IT training project is answering professionals’ flexibility.

The duration is two years for a complete implementation, which has been completed approximately by 50%. The company is regularly adding new digital titles to the offering.

Success factors

We want to make a high impact on large and medium-sized organisations who are taking part in this project, in order to get more skilled professionals that can deliver better results in hands-on projects. Our aim is to spread the word when it comes to awareness for IT official training, making it an important key factor for decision-makers across all organisations. We truly believe that official IT training is essential for a high-standard project results.

The impact of the project is measurable: Based on the timeframe and the number of professionals certified across the industry, we are able to measure the success of this project.
We are also taking into account the successful results obtained by the participating companies on external projects with the human resources we have trained. With the GDPR regulations actively applied, we take authorized data from our candidates to create statistics of successful training events so we can:

  1. Improve the current results;
  2. Modify results that are not meeting our quality expectations;
  3. Apply any required changes to make the whole project better.

This project is unique because it involves for the first time, companies, small-sized organizations and IT professional individuals in a way that they can access the program as it suits best for them.

With this project, we are keen on involving all market niches, making accessible to everyone official IT training. We know how difficult it is to get back into the professional life after being on the same job for a while. That is why we are developing content to reactivate all IT professionals, who are in need of getting back to the market. The e-learning services platform have been developed to make this training more accessible, deleting borders and spending issues that previously may this had cost.

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