The goal of the 42 IT school is to develop problem solving, autonomy, adaptation, collaboration, and creativity. These are the fundamental skills for a lifelong career. There is no degree requirement to apply, the school is free for the students, and uses a dedicated learning model called Peer-Learning. With no teacher and no lecture, students are facing software development challenges in a 100% hands-on and 100% project-based curriculum. They search, filter information, try, fail, try again, and most of all, they chat and debate with other students, to create collective intelligence, and solve the challenge. When the project is complete, the peer-evaluation takes place: other students give their marks using the rating scale from 5 to 10. In case of failure, the student can try again the same project or start another project available. A success will unlock the next challenges, and grant the student experience points. On their own path, at their own pace, students’ make progress in developing their curriculum just like in a videogame, with quests, achievements, and a hall of fame. 

Today, 42 has 2 campuses, in Paris and in Silicon Valley. It also has several partnerships to replicate exactly the same learning model, in South Africa, and Europe: Romania, Moldavia, Ukraine, another campus in France (Lyon). Two new campuses are also expected to be created in Netherlands and Belgium.

Success factors

The 42 school selection process only relies on talent for IT.  The activities in the school are 100% hands-on, ensuring students' work readiness and future employers’ satisfaction. School 42 has received very good feedbacks from companies, which have either employed or offered an internship to 42 students. After completing 1/3 of the curriculum, 30% of the companies say that the students taken on board for internship are 100% ready to launch their careers. Furthermore, some 42 students do not complete the curriculum because of very good job opportunities arrive in the meantime. Finally, the school curriculum ensures very good adaptation skills.

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