The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition promotes some really good digital skills initiatives, because challenges – and solutions – are often similar despite different organisations, areas or countries.

Have a look in our repository to find some of Europe's best digital skills projects. There we have gathered initiatives from the Digital Skills Awards, pledges done by members of the Coalition, as well as initiatives selected by Member States.

The European Digital Skills Awards

The European Digital Skills Awards aim to celebrate outstanding projects developing the digital competences of Europeans for work, education and life in general. Projects should have a significant and measurable impact and it should be possible to replicate and upscale them in other European regions or sectors.

The award is open to all types of projects irrespective of the location or the type of organisation involved e.g.: national or local public authorities, businesses, education providers, non-profit organisations, associations or a mix thereof.

Winners and finalists are selected in four award categories:

  • Digital skills for all – developing digital skills to enable all citizens to be active in our digital society;
  • Digital skills for the labour force – developing digital skills for the digital economy, e.g. upskilling and reskilling workers, jobseekers; actions on career advice and guidance;
  • Digital Skills for ICT professionals – developing high level digital skills for ICT professionals in all industry sectors;
  • Digital skills in education – transforming teaching and learning of digital skills in a lifelong learning perspective, including the training of teachers.

In 2016, over 200 projects applied to Digital Skills Award 2016 from all over Europe. Sixteen projects were selected as finalists and the four most outstanding ones were announced in Brussels on 1 December at the launch of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

All participating projects can be found in the digital skills initiatives repository.

Member State best digital skills practices

To support the development of national digital skills strategies, the Commission, together with experts from the Member States, has developed a shared concept for national digital skills strategies. The shared concept identifies the main challenges to be addressed in order to effectively tackle digital skills gaps in Europe, as well as possible solutions.

The Member States have also shared some excellent digital skills initiatives, which are linked to the solutions in the shared concept. You can also find these initiatives in our repository.

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