Coding in your classroom, now! (CodeMOOC), an intiative to help thousands of teachers introduce computational thinking in their classrooms to be scaled up with the new pledge by the University of Urbino.

Less than a month following the announcement of the new Commission initiative "Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition", University of Urbino (Italy) responded with an ambitious pledge. The idea is rooted on the success of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) entitled Coding in your classroom, now!(or CodeMOOC), that was delivered for free by the University of Urbino in winter/spring 2016. This initiative helps teachers to introduce computational thinking in their classrooms. CodeMOOC, delivered on the European Multilingual MOOC Aggregator (EMMA) has involved more than 6,000 teachers until now, who in turn have engaged more than 100,000 students in coding activities.

The University of Urbino pledges to scale up CodeMOOC in many different ways:

  • by delivering it for free for at least 2 more year;
  • by combining it with a road show (the first events organized have attracted more than 5,000 participants);
  • by delivering a new MOOC to assist the teachers who completed CodeMOOC in the process of engaging their colleagues; and
  • by making it available in other languages.

By the end of 2017, the pledge is expected to involve 10,000 teachers, 250,000 students and 10,000 participants in roadshow live events. The actions proposed will significantly expand the outreach of CodeMOOC and could provide the basis for replicating this model in other European countries.The medium-term impact goes well beyond the outreach of the direct actions, in that CodeMOOC induces teachers of any school level and topic to steadily adopt coding as a teaching practice.

11 July 2016
Last update: 
9 May 2017
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