Find here the reports and analysis on the trends of ICT-enabled benefits for public services, including studies on eGovernment by the European Commission.

Digital Economy and Society Index Report 2020 -  Digital Public Services

graph of the main findings of the report on public services

In 2019 both the quality and usage of digital public services increased. 67% of people who otherwise use the internet who submitted forms to their public administration reported that they now use online channels (up from 57% in 2014), which shows the convenience of online procedures over paper-based ones. The top performers in this area are Estonia, Spain, Denmark, Finland and Latvia.

Download the report: DESI 2020 - Digital Public Services

Archive Documents

Documents 2019

  • DESI 2019 - Digital Public Services (PDF)

Documents 2018

  • DESI 2018 - Digital Public Services (PDF)

Documents 2017

  • Trends in European Digital Public Services in the EU 2017 (slides pdf)

Documents 2016

  • Trends in European Digital Public Services in the EU 2016 (ppt)

Documents 2015

  • Trends in European Digital Public Services in the EU 2015 (ppt)
  • Trends in European Digital Public Services in the EU 2015 (pdf)
  • eGovernment Benchmark Insight Report 2015 (pdf)
  • eGovernment Benchmark Background Report 2015 (pdf)

Documents 2014

  • Developments in eGovernment in the EU 2014 (ppt/pdf)
  • EU eGovernment Benchmark Report 2014 (SMART 2013/0053-3) (read more)
    These reports present the result of the 11th eGovernment Benchmark, which is the first complete measurement of online public services (running across 2012-2013).
  • Study for EC: Benchmarking Deployment of eHealth among General Practitioners 2013 - SMART 2011/0033 (news item inc. final report, summary and annexes) (read more)
    The study was carried out with the objectives of: a) measuring the level of availability and use of eHealth in primary care; b) examining what drives or hampers the overall level of eHealth adoption
  • Study for EC: European Hospital Survey - Benchmarking Deployment of eHealth services (2012-2013) - SMART 2011/0020; SMART 2012/0036 (survey) (news item inc. final report, country reports, data)
    A survey carried out in about 1,800 hospitals in all EU Member States plus Iceland and Norway measures the level of deployment and take-up of ICT and eHealth applications in acute care hospitals in Europe.

Documents 2013

  • See section 3.7 on eGovernment in the chapter on Internet use and skills (pdf)
  • eGovernment Benchmark 2012 insight report - SMART 2012/0034-2 (pdf)
    This “Insight Report” presents the findings of the 2012 eGovernment survey, discusses the implications, and makes some outline recommendations. It is supplemented by a more detailed “Background Report”, and openly available “online survey data”
  • eGovernment Benchmark 2012 background report (pdf)
  • Annex 1 (High-definition country factsheets) (zip)
  • Complete data set - part 1 (zip)
  • Complete data set - part 2 (zip)

Documents 2012

  • eGovernment trends (pdf)
  • Pillar actions overview (pdf)
  • Study for EC: Statistical Methods on Internet as a Source of Data Gathering - SMART 2010/030 (pdf)
    Traditional statistics generally take several years to prepare. By the time they capture the uptake the diffusion could have reached a critical point. It is here that ICT comes to the rescue since it is not only a goal in itself but also a mean to measure the latest trends
  • Executive summary (pdf)

Additional documents

  •  Study for EC: eGovernment Benchmarking Framework 2012-2015 - SMART 2012/0034-1 (pdf)

This Method Paper contains the technical description of the 2012 eGovernment Benchmark project.

Documents 2011

  • Monitoring eGovernment diffusion (pdf)

Additional documents

  • Study for the EC: Digitizing Public Services in Europe - benchmark measurement 2010 report - SMART 2010/0040-1 (pdf)
    One of the flagship studies in measuring public sector performance. The benchmark uses a comprehensive ranking system to identify those European countries that have implemented the most mature eGovernment services
  • Detailed data set (xls)
  • Historical dataset (xls)
  • Study for EC: Open Government and Transparency - SMART 2010/0040-2 (pdf)
    The benchmark pilot addresses both the Transparency and collaborative nature of eGovernment service delivery as well as the Openness of policy as a whole in terms of the availability of participative, so-called Web 2.0 policy instruments
  • Study for EC: eHealth benchmarking (survey of hospitals) - SMART 2009/0022 (pdf)
    Study provides an overview of how Europe's acute hospitals use eHealth. It offers empirical evidence from hospital's Chief Information Officers and it gives a sense of the attitudes and motivations of Medical Directors
  • JRC-IPTS report on benchmarking of eHealth deployment (pdf)