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The Digital Infrastructures or e-Infrastructures' activity aim at empowering researchers with easy and controlled online access to facilities, resources and collaboration tools, bringing to them the power of ICT for computing, connectivity, data storage and access to virtual research environments.

The European Commission launched the European Cloud Initiative to capitalise on the data revolution. It will provide European science, industry and public authorities with world-class digital infrastructure that bring state of the art computing and data storage capacity to the fingertips of any scientists and engineer in the European Union.

By combining world-class supercomputing capability with high-speed connectivity and leading-edge data and sofware services for science, industry and the public sector, the European Data Infrastructure will allow fully unlocking the value of big data.

More information is available on the European Open Science Cloud webpage.

ICT-based infrastructures and services cut across a broad range of research disciplines and supports the further development of:

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