Domingos Miguel Folque Guimarães is the Digital Champion of Portugal. He has a proactive approach to the Digital Single Market, and he wants to facilitate digital literacy and tech entrepreneurship in his country.


domingos [at] academiadecodigo [dot] org

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Since finishing his studies at the University of London, Domingos has acquired extensive experience in the entertainment industry, having founded a book publishing house and a film production company in 2006.

Serial entrepreneur, has found his grounds in the digital world, setting up in 2008 Central Musical, a music live streaming platform, and in 2010 Live Content, the leading digital advertising agency in Portugal specialised in Social Media with offices in Brazil and Mexico. Live Content has been the representant of Twitter in Portugal, setting its operation in the market. He also won the mentor of the year award at Startup Lisboa in 2015 and is jury at the Portugal Ventures calls.

Domingos strongly believes that Social Business has changed the paradigm of entrepreneurship, with a great future ahead, a future he wants to be a part of. With this in mind, his most recent project is Academia de Código, dedicated to taking people out of unemployment by training them in computer programming as well as Academia de Código Junior, a school program dedicated to teaching children and teenagers Computer Science.

Domingo's priorities are the following:

  • Increasing Digital and Code Literacy in Portugal
  • Help Portuguese Tech Entrepreneurship keep the momentum
  • Work hard towards achieving a Single Digital Market in Europe.